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Welcome With Peace and love to one light one spiriT

Our mission is to lead you into a greater spiritual awakening

We will guide you to remember who you truly are and assist you in bringing forth what you already know but have long forgotten...

to live from your heart, nourish your soul, enlighten your mind, and renew your spirit.


One Light One Spirit provides a powerful source of life-enhancing programs and guided meditations that support and sustain personal growth and spiritual development while fostering inner peace and well-being


holistic healing + counseling


Demo DiMartile has 5 decades of experience as a spiritual teacher, healer, and kundalini master.
Learn more about his story and how he can serve you by clicking below.

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Guided Meditations + breathwork

Meditation brings you within to a place of peace and healing. And breath bridges the gap between you and infinity.
Learn more about the power of guided meditation, and our specialized audio programs. You can also listen to
free samples of each program . 

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WOMEN'S health and empowerment

We offer a holistic approach to evolving human consciousness and connecting to the spiritual essence within you.
We specialize in women's wellness, empowering women to heal from the inside out.
Read more about how you can naturally heal thyroid disfunction, restore hormonal balance, and sleep like a baby.

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The “SAD” Solution to happiness and health

  Our healing meditations can help you alleviate and even overcome your struggle with

Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. 

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