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Deep Relaxation



The “Mastering Deep Relaxation” guided meditation effectively melts away stress while restoring inner peace and harmony to your soul. The meditation will help open your heart to feel greater joy, confidence and ultimately self-acceptance.

This audio/video offers a 5-minute sample of the full 18-minute meditation.

Please use headphones or buds for the best listening experience.

Get the full audio program now as a downloadable MP3 or CD.


Relax your body. Refresh your mind. Renew your spirit. Self-empowerment begins with mastering deep relaxation. Relaxation brings forth your very best, promoting inner calm, clarity and balance.


“Hello Demo, your Deep Relaxation Meditation could be life altering for me. Your voice is amazing, so healing, clear, and filled with deep compassion. I can feel the grief from the loss of my mom lifting each time I listen to it. Thank you so much!”
~ David Kasparian

“Demo taught me how to find that serenity within myself. His guidance, patience and knowingness have helped me to connect with my true self, discover my purpose for being here and ultimately embrace the incredible love I have to share. What a gift. From the first time I listened to your deep relaxation meditation, I immediately felt my body relax and the stress wash away. In its place came an inner calm and stillness. Thanks! It feels so good to breathe again!”
~ Genevieve Piturro, Founder, Pajama Program

“Your Deep Relaxation Meditation gave me an experience of unparalleled clarity and inner peace, and I feel more deeply connected within myself. The meditation empties my brain of all the noise while transforming life’s chaos into pure tranquility.”
~ David Rush

“I’ve been listening to your Deep Relaxation Meditation for sometime now, and I LOVE IT! It is amazing, so calming and empowering. It relaxes me and allows me to be myself when I am working on TV to at my restaurant. And when I am not listening to the meditation, I still hear your soothing voice reminding me to remain calming centered throughout the my hectic day. Thank you so much, Demo!”
~ Carla Hall, Celebrity Chef onThe Chew

“Dear Demo, thank you so much for your beautiful inspirational CD. It had a profound effect on me. It relaxed me in a deep and meaningful way and made me feel at one with myself and the Universe.”

“How often do any of us take the time to do something as simple as to breathe deeply and take time out from a busy day to just “Be”.

“I was sitting in my dining room with the door open listening to your mellow, soothing voice. Suddenly, the birds began to sing outside. Tears came to my eyes and I felt such feeling of euphoria. Was it the sound of your voice? Or was it that I had never taken the time to listen. Whatever it was, thank you, thank you, thank you. I will listen to you often and imagine you are close by, guiding me to the light.Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Gratefully,”
~ Dorothy Constantine

“I managed to relax in ways I never thought possible. Your voice and words evoke such a deep trust in me to finally let go. What a difference the meditation has made in my attitude and my self-esteem. Thank you so much, Demo”
~ Isabella Cataldo

“Listening to “Mastering Deep Relaxation” has taken me back to my core. Your voice, your words, and the music are a perfect symphony to settle the muddied waters. Everything becomes clear, and because of the peace that came over me after going into a deep relaxation, I was able to bring into fruition the exact goal I was visualizing. The meditation is POWERFUL!”
~ Arnie Gonzalez, Life Coach

“Dear Demo,
I sleep like a baby since listening to your Deep Relaxation Meditation. It opens my heart and quiets my mind as I drift into a blissful peace. Your voice is so comforting and beautiful, inviting me to be myself. Many thanks “
~ Nancy Smith

“Mastering Deep Relaxation” helps me quickly shift into a state where my mind, body and spirit are balanced, restored, and at peace. What a wonderful gift Demo DiMartile has created in this guided meditation.”
~ Mary Shomon, Thyroid Patient Advocate

“Mastering Deep Relaxation is so soothing and really gets you to focus, and the Thyroid Meditation is a must-have for women with thyroid issues. Across the board, the blend of the voice and music fits like a glove, totally raising the bar on meditations with music, while taking you on an amazing journey to wholeness. Check it out! Listen to samples! Comment/like them! Tell everyone you know! Go and buy them!”
~ Susan Perez

“I love your work Demo! You pour your love into all your mediations and they are so supportive and empowering for women. Your voice transports me as if I am on a cloud drifting to a place where I feel safe, secure and at peace with myself. Your website is beautiful and so healing. Thank you so much.”
~ Ellen K.

“I love all your meditation CDs, Demo. They’re beautiful and so calming!
~ Ellen Cafferelli Braillard