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Inner Light


Merging With your higher self goes beyond transcendental meditation. It was created to restore the sacred union between your soul and your indwelling spirit. Composed with beautiful music and binaural tones, it will lead you effortlessly into deeper levels of consciousness.

Connecting with your higher self is the most important aspect of spiritual development. For it reignites a deeply intuitive and empathic communication within your higher mind so that you may ride the wave of inner knowingness beyond the limitations of your human understanding. The meditation will guide you in activating the cosmic fire within as you journey through the seven doors of evolution to restore a oneness with your true self.

An understanding of chakras is important to maximize the benefits of this meditation.


This audio/video offers a 5-minute sample. 

Please use headphones or buds for the best listening experience.

Get it now at the One Light One Spirit online store. 


“I Love your Higher Self Meditation! I’ve had some health challenges and was trying to find a way to connect with my higher self to promote healing. You’ve simplified the whole process, gently yet boldly guiding me on a journey within to reconnect with my source. Negative thoughts of dis-ease are quickly quieted by returning to my higher self which is the gift and promise of this meditation. With beautiful music and a healing voice, the 30 minutes fly by. It’s a great way to start and end my day. Thank you Demo.”
~ Laura Spaeth

“Demo is a powerful light who carries the message of inner peace. With a calming voice of pure patience, he’s guided me to my higher self. He often reminds me that the sum of all my parts is what makes me whole and by embracing all of them unconditionally, I will sustain inner peace while living fully from a place of oneness.”
~ Arnie Gonzalez, Life Coach

“I was truly inspired by your Higher Self Meditation. It was obviously a pivotal point in my spiritual development and amazing to realize how much growth I have made. I would really love you to know, Demo, that you, your support and your kind words helped lift and propelled me to where I needed to be – in a position to help people. I am committed to my purpose and without reservation. I have taken a leap of faith starting my Reiki practice and I am loving it. Thank you, so much.”
~Angela, New Rochelle, Reike Healer

“Demo Dimartile has an amazing guided mediation on merging with your higher self. I use it every day before I take on the world!!! It helps me to live from my spirit and trust my inner guidance. I would be selfish not to share this!!! I am truly fortunate to know him personally!!!”
~ Ramon Agtarap

“Einstein said, ‘The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. Personally, the only way to tune down the nonstop chatter is through meditation. Although, through years of practice, I’ve had a hard time to quiet servant. On very rare occasions when I can quiet the servant that’s when the miracles of meditation happens. Then I met Demo. He is a meditation master. His Merging With Your Higher Self Meditation is a gateway to my intuition. I learned from him how to ground myself and fine-tune my spiritual vision. This has helped my meditation and my ability to move into my intuitive mind effortlessly. Thank you so much Demo.”
~ M. T.