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ReUnion Meditation


Even in the best of times, life can be overwhelming and chaotic. Like the world around us, our inner life can experience discord and disruption.

The antidote is connection, but true connection starts from within.

The ReUnion guided meditation was created to help you heal the often dysfunctional relationship between your mind, soul and spirit. As these three vital aspects of yourself are reunified and become one, you are free to accept yourself unconditionally, and live life from your heart, with love, courage and joy.

When used regularly, this guided meditation from Demo DiMartile of One Light One Spirit will guide you to that place of reunion and peace, where mind, soul and spirit are in harmony, and your life force and infinite potential is revitalized.

If you are feeling especially disconnected and isolated, it’s time to come home to yourself…it’s time for a ReUnion.

Free Sample of ReUnion
This audio/video offers a several minute sample of the full meditation. The full audio program is available as a downloadable MP3.


Please use headphones or buds for the best listening experience.