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A Return to Love and Compassion



Follow your heart! Love knows the way home. There are no bounds to the enduring tolerance, forgiveness and all-embracing acceptance of the heart.Within all of us, there is the sacred space in the heart where we can connect directly to our source and dispel the illusion of separation and unworthiness once and for all.. This powerful meditation will guide you to an unparalleled experience of inner peace and contentment. It will strengthen your trust to live from your heart as you were meant to live. Love is the most healing medicine there is… Love dissolves self-rejection and evolves self-acceptance… Love is the freedom to trust yourself in being authentic, and ultimately, Love is knowing yourself as one with God.

This audio/video offers a 3-minute sample of the full 30 minute meditation.

Please use headphones or buds for the best listening experience.

The full audio program is available as an MP3 download or CD

Get it now at the One Light One Spirit online store. 


“I have downloaded the Sacred Heart Meditation.  It is truly a divine and sacred instrument that will awaken your heart, spirit, and soul. Demo DiMartile has the voice of an angel. His words are spirit-driven and you come away from this experience healed. Incredibly powerful! I love Awakening The Sacred Heart.”
~ Woneeya, Thundering Hawk

“Awakening the Sacred Heart is magnificent, profoundly beautiful and joyous. It is peaceful, penetrating, and pure PERFECTION! The meditation was a powerful experience into the heart of my soul. It is a precious gift that will inspire the opening of all hearts in preparation for entering the golden age. Love and gratitude for you and your spirit, Demo.”
~ Bee Aukward

“I love this guided meditation. As a buddhist, I practice meditation daily. This guided meditation brings me to a place of profound peace within. It also helps me to understand more about my heart chakra and how to work with it. I feel it is the Heart Sutra in meditation form.”
~ Mary Tang

“Demo’s voice is very soothing and calming. I regularly meditate and his CD’s are an added benefit. He helped me delve deeper into my sense of self —- bringing me to a higher level of consciousness and blissful awareness.”
~ Janet Estavez

“The best way to start your day….30 minutes of pure love.”
~ Genevieve Piturro