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Thyroid Meditation


Over fifty million Americans suffer from thyroid disease, the vast majority are women. This groundbreaking guided meditation has helped thousands of women get in touch with the core issues that contribute to thyroid dysfunction, and offers a holistic approach to self-healing and thyroid balance. This is the first meditation of its kind to work with your body’s natural ability to regulate itself and restore balance to your thyroid function.

Can’t meditate or don’t know how to? Don’t worry! This is a guided interactive program. When used consistently,  you can achieve remarkable results.

This audio/video offers a 6-minute sample of the full 30 minute meditation.

Please use headphones or buds for the best listening experience.

The full audio program is available as a downloadable MP3 and CD.

Get it now at the One Light One Spirit online store. 

A must Read. The INTERVIEW with Mary Shomon, patient advocate and author, with Demo DiMartile, Spiritual Teacher and Healer. Read the interview here! 


“Demo DiMartile of One Light One Spirit has created a powerful tool to achieve optimal health and wellness.The Thyroid Meditation brings holistic healing into the process, and adds a sense of peace, greater self-awareness, and trust in the body’s own ability to heal. I highly recommend it for any woman with a thyroid condition who wants to incorporate positive self-healing approaches into her life.”
~ Best-Selling Thyroid Author and Patient Advocate, Mary Shomon

“This is the best guided meditation I’ve ever listened to. It is Incredibly relaxing, profound and deeply healing. The author clearly has affinity and understanding of women. I Highly recommend it.” 
~ Mikaon

“Demo, Your Thyroid Meditation is a very special program that can and will help many women with hypothyroidism.”

~ Hypothyroid Mom, Dana Trentini

“I use your Thyroid Meditation daily. It brought me back through the worst of my thyroid issues to being completely healed! Thank you so much, Demo.”
~ Cindy Hansen

“I work nights as a nurse and find it so difficult to regulate my energy and stress level. It is hard for me to readjust to “normal” on my days off as I’m constantly battling with a never ending fatigue. After listening to your Thyroid Meditation, I felt a deep sense of tranquility. I felt empowered to make a change in my life and not allow this situation to overwhelm me. Most importantly, you inspired a sense of confidence and self-worth in me, something I will carry with me always.Thank you, Demo.”
~ Rachael Gordon

“I met Demo last year and found him to be amazing. I use his Thyroid Meditation regularly, and it has transformed my stress into vibrant health. The healing power of his meditation has done wonders for me! My thyroid levels have stayed in optimal range for over 8 months now! and even my antibody count has been dramatically reduced. I feel so happy and alive again!”
~ Celia Carranza

“I listened to your Thyroid Meditation twice. The first listening experience, I seemed to be resonating with your words and your voice.  Both are beautiful and authentically moving. Subsequently, I felt emotionally empowered. The second time I was able to allow the healing energy in it’s purest form to work it’s magic. After the second meditation I was relaxed and in good spirits. The next day I had more energy. The day after that, I had my blood tested and found that my thyroid is operating within normal range. With harmony and love you have chosen to give this healing gift and with harmony and love I have received it. Many blessings to you in your further endeavors to bring peace to so many women who are in need. Thank you for this opportunity to express my gratitude.”
~ Woneeya Thundering Hawk, Comanche Medicine Woman

“Thank you so much for linking to this Thyroid Meditation. I purchased it, and it is so powerful, I mean really powerful : ) I’m going to use it every day and will check out Demo’s website.”
~ Debbie

“I have been meditating for long time with various types of music or on my own. But this Thyroid Meditation was so profound. I could see myself liberating out of all the accumulated stress, shame, guilt – what so ever that would have been embedded in my cells over the years. I couldn’t control my tears whenever I did it. I assume that is part of healing. As of now I am thrilled to share the feel of the 30-minute meditation that is so healing, liberating and at the end leaves me in a very peaceful happy mood. I started trusting already that this is going to change me forever. Thank you.”

UPDATE: “I took the thyroid test, and it has come down to a value of 3, which was 10 earlier. I owe a lot to this meditation which has taken me through a very tough phase to get back to normalcy. Thank you so very much for getting me back on the path. Namaste.”
~ Lachesis Nyx Bangalore, India

“I started the Thyroid Meditation about a year ago. It was incredible, very powerful. The first session I ended up in tears, releasing all the tension in my body and mind. I was taking the wrong medication for my condition and-got very sick and I stopped doing the meditation for awhile.
I started again a few weeks ago and I still find it very powerful and truly amazing. My thyroid has been almost totally destroyed by my antibodies, so the meditation won’t cure me. However, after each session I feel relaxed, calm at peace, serene and I believe that I have more energy. Sometimes I listen to the meditation in the park under the trees. I find it is a beautiful experience.

Thank you for thinking about us. Too often people with thyroid dysfunction are overlooked, and not taken seriously by the medical profession. Your meditation brings peace and hope to my heart. For that I thank you, Demo.”
~ Virginie Nash

Your Thyroid Meditation is Amazing!…I have truly found peace!
~ C. Re-Fowlkson

“I enjoy guided visualization and hypnotherapy meditations. Yet only a few really shine like stars in the night guiding me. This guided meditation for thyroid disease is my morning star! It is so powerful, so intelligent and very relaxing. The introduction focuses my attention on the need to address healing shame and it’s connection to my throat chakra where my thyroid is located. The guided meditation part is only 30-minutes. Sometimes I fall asleep and sometimes I lie still and listen to Demo’s calming voice which brings my thyroid and my hormones back into balance by releasing shame and loving myself. The body mind and spirit connection is so eloquently honored that I have played it for my clients during their massages. They loved it and they truly felt healed. This is a women’s cd, honoring the female and the divinity of the role of women in our culture. This is the kind of information we should be educating our daughters with so they can live beyond the ways my generation has been programmed to believe. The layering in of rest and repose is essential for wellness. Yet so many women will not give this to themselves and that is the root of unhappiness and disease. All this said, it is information men need too. The male clients that have heard it are equally appreciative. We cannot step into this millennium with it’s technology and over population, while leaving our spirits behind.”
~ Linda Rossi, Massage Therapist

“I don’t take the time to post testimonials unless I REALLY mean what I say. I first saw Demo at a thyroid lecture. I have to admit that I wasn’t a “believer” at first, but downloaded the Thyroid Meditation anyway, thinking I didn’t have much to lose. I LOVE it!

I put my iPhone under my pillow when I go to sleep and play the meditation. I really believe it affects me on many different levels, hearing it in my conscious and sub-conscious. I’m usually cynical about this stuff, but I feel it affects me profoundly, since I wake up feeling especially positive. I think it will benefit everyone”
~ Helen Maxam

“I just wanted you to know how much you touched my soul at the MeTime Weekend Event. Just your presence made me feel richer and healthier. You exude love and healing. Your work and the way you help others, myself included, is unfathomable. Your spirit has touched me, forever, Demo. I will have your words always in my head. (I’ll be listening to your Thyroid Mediation regularly, so you’ll really be in my brain)! Thank you for bestowing me with your healing hands and pure essence of being, that will help me on my health journey.”
~ Danna Bowman, Founder,Thyroid Nation

“Demo, your Thyroid Meditation is wonderful! Your voice is so soothing, your message so healing. It is very calming, “centering” and, I believe, very healing. The meditation really allowed me to go deeper into my own meditative space.When your guided meditation ended, I remained in silent meditation for another half hour – it was wonder-filled. – The music has a beautiful transcendent quality. It was truly lovely meeting you and experiencing your healing energy! I thank you and wish you health and spiritual wellness always. Pace sempre,”
~ Linda Green

“After listening to the Thyroid Meditation, I found the motivation that was missing. I so needed to get out of a place where I felt trapped. While doing the meditation, I was filled with emotion which brought me to tears, but not in a bad way. When I realized that I had a catharsis, suddenly things that were chaotic became clear. I was able to let go of the fear that I was loosing myself. As a woman, I was reminded of how powerful I really am! So grateful, Demo.”
~ Denise Garcia

“Thank you so much Demo for creating this wonderful meditation. Just finished listening to it and I was transported to a place of peace. The stress in my life is increasing due to now being a caretaker. I see that my thyroid needs more support. My experience with the meditation was wonderful and I will be incorporating it into my daily practice.”
~ Elizabeth T.

“Dearest Demo, 10 years ago, I stood at the door of departure faced with the grim prognosis that I would not make it. You reminded me that I have free will, and if I chose to overcome my heart problem, I would. You guided me in opening my heart to embrace the love within me, make peace with myself and everyone else that I needed to, and I would be met by Divine Providence. And I was. I am now 80 and still kicking. Currently, I’ve been working with your Thyroid Meditation. I’m able to stay upright and get through everything. I consider that a miracle. Your voice carries a resonance of pure love and spiritual integrity and centers me in peace. I find it very balancing. Even with the additional stress of flood damage, my lab reports improved. So, I wanted you to know how grateful I am to you for making this wonderful CD, in concert with the Divine, to assist in my healing and empowering others as well. Many blessing to you.”

~ Bernadette Aukward

“Excellent! This is a powerful meditation. DiMartile calls it “thyroid,” but he addresses other components of the endocrine system such as adrenal and thymus. I purchased this for help with hypothyroidism, and have begun thinking more holistically about all my glands.The relaxation and the positive outlook that the meditation brings has helped to promote healing. I no longer have terrible adrenaline rushes in the morning. For years I had such adrenaline surges after getting to work that I had to pace around the halls everyday to burn it off. I don’t drink coffee, so it was not a caffeine spike. Since I started listening to this meditation, the surges have stopped! I Highly recommended it.”
~ Julie

“I have been listening to your Thyroid Meditation CD — It is absolutely wonderful and very powerful with enormous healing energies!! Thank you Demo!”
~Blake Cahoon, Channeler


“I am doing really really well. I feel fantastic and all my symptoms have gone.

I did your thyroid meditation every day for 2.5 months, and I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t come across your it online. It has helped me more than you can ever imagine and has had a huge impact on my approach to having Graves disease.

I have chosen to embrace the condition as you suggested and to let it help me to grow and go deeper. And this approach has had a huge impact on my well being, my work and my life.

I feel that I’m finally on the path that I have wanted to be on for so long. I feel supported from within myself, safe and strong. And that I will be able to deal with any and all challenges that come into my life. I am in a totally different space than the fearful and anxious person I was I when I was diagnosed again in December.

I still do your meditation three to four times a week or more if I feel slightly out of balance. It is a wonderful tool with or without thyroid issues to bring calm and focus to one’s life. To guide one back to the essential and the spiritual within.

I really cannot thank you enough for the calming and healing effect it has had on my well being and my life as a whole. It has been a true gift to me.”

With love and gratitude, ~Andrea L.

Doing the Thyroid Meditation daily has made a massive difference to my health. It is so powerful – I’ve been telling all my NeurOptimal clients about it. I cannot recommend it enough! Thank you, Demo!!! Blessings to you!“
~ Lynda, Neuro-Time4You

“Demo, thank you so much for Thyroid Meditation. My TSH level was very high @ 93 after my son was born! I then developed thyroiditis! I worked with your guided healing meditation and homeopathics and brought it back to normal.”
~ Kimberly S.

“Thanks for following up, Demo. I actually had great luck with your Thyroid Meditation. I must confess I only practiced 2 or 3 times and with the help of medication as well. My doctor said that he has never seen such drastic change in so little time. I am almost ready to stop meds completely.”
~ M.S.

“Greetings from Canada; I found your spiritual healing meditation for women and thyroid so beautiful; Thank you for your profound words and wonderful healing. Cheers.”
~ Adriana Vani

“As a long time practitioner of meditation and mindfulness, it’s great to see the positive effects it has on hypothyroidism. I think many people underestimate the impact of their mind/thoughts on their body and health.”
~ Jenny

“Even though I am a healer, sometimes the healer needs a healing! I was searching for spiritual causes for a thyroid issue and found a blog, by Hypothyroid Mom who raved about you and your Thyroid Cd. So I trusted her and downloaded it. I felt amazing the very first time I played your Meditation. The next day I played it for a few friends who also have thyroid problems and they were blown away at how good they felt as well. I intend to play it every day for 21 days and let you know of my results. Thank you, Demo “
~ D.N. Center Of Eternal Light

“Extremely Relaxing! I truly love this Thyroid Meditation. I don’t have thyroid issues but I do have stress. After going through the meditation I feel calm and relaxed. It is wonderful.”
~ Lisa Meyerson

The thyroid meditation made me realize that unbeknownst to myself I had lost my voice. Somehow, it had totally faded away. This came a such a surprise to me and made me wake up and make a promise to myself that I would find it again. And I have. So thank you so much!”
~ Therese Mc Keone

“Your Thyroid Meditation is wonderful. I am a fan of guided meditations and it is difficult to find a combination of voice, music and words so harmonious and original. Thank you for this further element in my healing journey.”
~ Antonellina Bucc