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Restoring Inner Peace and Power


The Hormonal Balance Guided Meditation was designed to support women at all stages of hormonal change, from puberty, to pregnancy, and postpartum to menopause. This guided meditation can help you alleviate many of the physical symptoms of hormonal imbalance –such as stress, fatigue, sleep deprivation, cravings, and hot flashes — by restoring harmony and healing throughout your endocrine gland system. 

Meditation is proven to diminish the psychological and emotional symptoms of hormone imbalance including anxiety and depression. Hormonal changes often trigger upsets that affect your self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-image. The Hormonal Balance Meditation can promote a sense of inner peace, a trust in your body’s ability to remain in balance, and help you to regain greater control over your health and wellbeing.

“The One Light One Spirit ‘Hormonal Balance’ guided meditation is a life-changing tool that I recommend for women of all ages who will thrive, once they reach a place of balance in both hormones and life. This CD is also an excellent complement to our new book, “Your Healthy Pregnancy with Thyroid Disease,” and it can bring peace of mind, calm and balance to women struggling with fertility, pregnancy and postpartum health challenges.”
~ Mary Shomon, New York Times bestselling author and Hormonal Health Advocate 

This audio/video offers a 5-minute sample of the full 30 minute meditation for purchase here.

Please use headphones or buds for the best listening experience.


“I’ve have had the pleasure of getting to know Demo DiMartile. It’s not often you meet someone with such a special gift of healing. His guided meditations have helped me through my own hormonal shifts with thyroid disease, adrenal fatigue, and perimenopause. I highly recommend the Hormonal Balance Meditation for women of all ages going through hormonal changes including pregnancy, postpartum, perimenopause, and menopause.”
~ Dana Trentini, Hypothyroid Mom

“After listening to the Hormonal Balance Meditation during my pregnancy, I felt I was overcome with a blanket of peace. Something in Demo’s voice and a trust in his words led me to a place of letting go. And in this place, I couldn’t help but believe my body was in complete balance! I had little to no nausea and postpartum symptoms ended after a week. I have no doubt that this meditation has helped me renew my body and my spirit because I feel amazing.”
~ Denis Gonzalez

“Every time I listen to a new guided meditation by Demo DiMartile, I am filled with awe. This man, this amazing Soul Healer continues to deliver such powerful medicine for the entire being. His depth of sacred LOVE, WISDOM, and EXPERTISE is saturated in every word he speaks. Demo, in a nano second, has a way of leading one into Nirvana, that imperturbable stillness of mind. Then, while you are totally disconnected from any form of thought or existence, he removes every imbalance and restores you in such an honorable and sacred manner. Your psyche moves harmoniously with his suggestion as if in a heavenly concert where you both effortlessly dance through the healing experience. I came away from HORMONAL BALANCE feeling peaceful, yet energized. Demo DiMartile truly brings one to the understanding of ONE LIGHT ONE SPIRIT. This CD is one, every woman should have. It’s magic.”
~Woneeya Thundering Hawk, Comanche Medicine Woman

“I am truly amazed at the power of guided meditation on thyroid function. We had the privilege of having Demo share a thyroid/hormone meditation session on Thyroid Nation Radio a while back. The sound and timing of his voice was truly comforting, guiding and warm. I had a renewed sense of calm and resonance with my body. After the session was over, I felt very focused, peaceful, energetic and as though my body literally had more oxygen. I felt mentally and physically strong. So often thyroid issues have a spiritual root of pain, fear, suffering and neglect that gets frequently ignored between all the medication, supplements, dietary changes and the fight to simply function. Incorporating Demo’s guided thyroid/hormone meditation is a unique opportunity to help one reconnect with their own boundless, infinite spiritual power to find peace and heal within. I am grateful for these meditations. He is pure love…an extraordinary gift to us all! Thank you Demo for all the love, light and healing that you give!”
~Tiffany Tucker Mladinich, Thyroid Nation Radio Co-Host

I love your Hormonal Balancing CD. Thank for making yet another woman centered healing meditation. As you say, stress is caused by fear and guided meditation can heal our bodies and bring our hormones into harmony. Whatever age a women is, this mediation will help her. I wish I had this when I couldn’t sleep at night during perimenopause. Now that menopause has hit me full force and I feel the pressure of not being in control of my body, I am calmed and assured by the positive affirmations that all will be well. This CD is layered with information and practices that embed the relaxation response together in one. Do not underestimate how this cd can help heal you and restore peace and power
~ Linda Rossi, Massage Therapist

“This is a powerful Endocrine System balance meditation to do in between NeurOptimal sessions to keep body/mind/Spirit in balance. It includes the whole endocrine system because if one hormone is out of whack, the rest of the system cannot function properly. Thank you, One Light One Spirit.”
~ Lynda, Neuro-Time4You

“This is the second cd from Demo DiMartile. At first I would fall asleep within 10 minutes of listening to it. I was so curious what the content was that I finally had to listen to while I was cleaning. I love just listening to all the positive messages. I wish I had this cd when peri menopause hit me. Every transition in a women’s life is stressful and the stress of just having a monthly cycle requires care and patience, fortitude. …. Guided meditations like this can relax and rejuvenate better than drugs. There is so much information in this cd on how to guide your body and mind in to a centered place, how to love yourself at whatever stage your body is in, why meditation can help balance your hormones, and how to affirm the positive and reprogram our attitudes. Health isn’t something that just happens, we make it happen.”
~ L.H.

“Your meditations are Wonderful with very supportive words of wisdom to guide others in making this a better world for women of this and future generations.”
~ Marchita P.