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One Light One Spirit

We are in the midst of the greatest awakening of Human Consciousness. This time has been called The Dawning, The Age Of Awakening, and the Second Coming. We are rising out of centuries of patriarchal subservience and rapidly evolving into our spiritual light. As with all transformational shifts in consciousness, there comes chaos, stress, anxiety and resistance to letting go of the past and our fears of moving forward.

Most of us see life through the lens of struggle, and we look outside ourselves for answers. This perspective is known as Tribal Consciousness which breeds conformity, co-dependency and clouds our insight and spiritual vision. It is fear-based.

We are in an evolutionary shift that requires a fundamental change in our identity as to who we are, what we have been endowed with, and how we live life from here on out. Every one of us is being challenged to go beyond the limitations of our human understanding and embrace the transcendental aspect of our soul. That requires that we go within to access the untapped spiritual potential that lies dormant in our innermost self.

So how do we go within to access our higher intelligence? Through the process of meditation. Deep meditation is a powerful means to heal the splits in our consciousness and create whole brain integration that leads us to the awakening of intuitive mind. Deep meditation connects your soul to your spirit. It opens your heart to a profound inner peace and love that reunites your very being with the heart of our Source. Meditation That is what is meant by, “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”

Awakening the heart is to remember who you truly are, and living from your heart is how we were created to live. Meditation restores the the sacredness of life and
deepens your connection to the Source. This experience is known as Unity Consciousness and fosters a sense of oneness. It honors all life from a spiritual understanding while fostering self-reliance, fearlessness, and empowering one another. It is love based.

Meditation also brings about a profound inner trust and peace. A quickening takes place when you realize that peace is true power, and it is alive within you right now, a As you merge with inner peace, you’ll begin to accept yourself unconditionally. That is what you want most of all – to accept yourself so that you may make peace with yourself and come to know your Higher Self. From knowingness comes your higher purpose for being here and that is to restore Heaven on Earth by living fearlessly from your heart and knowing that we are all one…one light, one spirit.

My work has evolved from a long lineage of spiritual teachers and healers who achieved self-mastery through the ancient art of meditation and the sacred wisdom teachings for spiritual awakening. This knowledge provides a transformational path for ascension and bridges the gap between the Eastern and Western approaches to self-actualization. This work is a fusion of universal principals that facilitate a return to a more holistic way of living and being.

Spiritual healers and teachers carry a high vibrational frequency of the life force that can facilitate healing in others. That said, those seeking to restore balance or remedy any condition, chronic or otherwise, must meet the healer halfway with a clear intention and belief in their own ability to heal.

One Light One Spirit offers an inspiring source of guided meditations and seminars intended to support and sustain your spiritual awakening, while fostering inner peace and healing. One Light One Spirit is a path to your authentic-self and your true purpose in being here. It is a journey of coming home to yourself and living  from your core.

So the goal of inner work is to gain mastery over your life through Peace and love. The extraordinary benefit of this work is an experience of self-empowerment through self-acceptance and self-reliance. On your way to regaining the exhilarating joy of liberating your consciousness, you will have emerged as one with the power to become your true self and live fearlessly and freely. This is not a quick fix. It is experiential inner work that is transformative and lasting on a deep soul level.

This I know to be true – that your soul was created from the Love, the Life and the Light of the Divine Source, and that essence is the foundation of who you truly are. We offer a heart-centered approach to evolving human consciousness by connecting you to your inner power When you realize that the light resides in you and is you, then you will begin to shift out of tribal consciousness and ascend spiritually. We are all evolving beyond our human body-mind identity and re-emerging together through peace and love into our spiritual origins as one light, one spirit. Welcome home.

With Peace and Love,

Demo DiMartile