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Women’s Thyroid Healing

When you lose your voice, you lose your self, and when you feel your story is not worthy of being told, you stop dreaming.

The physiology of the human body reveals the exquisite intelligence behind its design. The thyroid gland, fashioned by the hand of the creator in the shape of a butterfly, sits on the windpipe just above the thymus gland and below the voice box. The butterfly is a symbol of transformation and transcendence. It evolves from the vulnerable earth bound caterpillar and transforms itself into a butterfly.

It is a fitting symbol for the thyroid’s function which is to transform food into life sustaining energy.

From the spiritual perspective, the thymus gland is considered the sacred heart. It is the place from which intent emanates and fosters conviction, compassion, and forgiveness which are essential for a healthy thyroid function and a healthy self esteem. The voice box produces sound vibration which is an amplification of the soul’s intent to give voice to your inalienable right to speak up and be heard. When shame and unworthiness inhabit your soul, they inhibit your voice and disturb thyroid function. A repressed voice needs to be owned and expressed. There is one qualification, that the voice be spoken with courage, compassion and forgiveness… not shame, anger or retaliation.

There are over 50 million American Women who suffer from thyroid dis-ease. They are at the end of the chrysalis stage of transformation in their evolution and on the verge of ascending into their spiritual power. Imagine 50 million Women embracing their psychic wound and coming together empowered as one voice to prepare the way for future generations of women to speak their hearts and minds with dignity and self respect.

Reclaim your inner voice and you’ll regain your self worth. This is the Women’s way to self- empowerment and freedom.

Your inner voice speaks to you through gut feelings not logic, and you begin to reclaim your inner voice by listening to and trusting your feelings. Acting upon your feelings substantiates self worth, and strengthens your inner resolve. It is through your empathy that you derive passion, strength, self validation and regain your outer voice. Fearlessly make the commitment to speak up, and speak out. Own your self-worth and demand nothing less than equality. That is your birthright.

You can listen to a free 6-minute sample of the Thyroid Meditation here.

The full 30-minute guided meditation is available as downloadable MP3 and CD at the One Light One Spirit online store.


Q&A Interview, September, 2012:

Internationally-known thyroid advocate, Thyroid Expert, and New York Times bestselling author Mary Shomon did a Q&A interview with me, exploring my thoughts and motivations in creating my Thyroid Meditation CD/MP3.

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Guided Meditation is a tried and true path to self-healing. It is an effortless process that leads you into the depths of your subconscious mind to access the tremendous healing power within your soul.

The self-healing effects of meditation have been known and honored in spiritual and healing communities for centuries. Finally, scientific research has validated the extraordinary benefits of meditation for improving your sense of well-being and awakening your human potential.

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 Dana Trentini is a thyroid advocate and the founder of the popular blog. Dana had an opportunity to try out the Thyroid Meditation, and she shares her thoughts in this post. It starts:

“I recall vividly the day several years ago when I visited my acupuncturist. She brought up a topic that I had never heard before. She explained how from a holistic perspective the throat is associated with communication and that the inability to speak up for oneself can contribute to thyroid disease. I love my acupuncturist and feel totally comfortable with her but I remember that visit sitting in my seat feeling uneasy as if she was suggesting something negative about me that caused my health condition. I dismissed the conversation by saying that it didn’t seem to ring true in my life and our appointment ended.

I’ve thought long and hard about that conversation for years. I realize now that she was not blaming me for my condition. She wasn’t suggesting my health condition was not real. She was suggesting to examine how I speak up for myself as one way to help in my healing. The truth is she was right…”

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Holtorf Medical Group is a network of practices that focus on achieving healthy hormonal balance. Founded by Dr. Kent Holtorf, the practices specialize in helping thyroid patients — as well as people with adrenal, sex hormone, and other imbalances — get back to a place of good health and balance.

They did an excellent article, in honor of Thyroid Awareness Month, that focuses on the role that meditation can play in overall health. The piece begins:

“January is Thyroid Awareness Month – a month typically focused on promoting increased visibility and awareness of thyroid issues. But what if during this Thyroid Awareness Month, in addition to helping spread the word and make more people aware of thyroid disease, thyroid patients also took the opportunity to turn their focus inward? One way to accomplish this inward focus is meditation….

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