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Embracing Your Soul Purpose


“Your body is the house, and your heart is the living room. Your living room has a fireplace, which is called a hearth. In the hearth is the flame, the fire of your soul. When we connect to our soul, through love, we’re on purpose with our life, and we’re truly at home.”
~ Demo DiMartile

Most of us live mostly in our heads, but to come home to yourself, and to live with purpose, we need to live in our hearts.

This transformational guided meditation MP3 audio program — Embracing Your Soul Purpose: A Guided Transformational Meditation for Living with  Love, Joy, and Gratitude — is about connecting to your heart and soul, where your purpose is written. The guided meditation incorporates “heart coherence,” the integration of mind, body, instinct, intellect, and love.

When you live and love from the heart, you open up your ability to feel confident and connected to your purpose. Whatever you send out with love then comes back to you in transformative ways. You’ll draw to yourself the people and circumstances that help you better understand and realize — and embrace — your soul purpose.

Free Sample of Embracing Your Soul Purpose

This audio/video offers a several minute sample of the full meditation. The full audio program is available as a downloadable MP3.

Please use headphones or earbuds for the best listening experience.