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The Thyroid Trio

The Thyroid Trio includes three powerful meditations for women’s thyroid and hormonal health and wellness. When you use them together, they are an effective way to help balance thyroid, adrenals, sex hormones, and metabolism for mind-body healing.

Guided meditations have proven to help restore and sustain women’s health and well-being. Meditation puts you in touch with your body’s innate and profound ability to heal itself…as it was designed to do. Meditation has only positive benefits, and helps you address the root causes of your health issues. There are no negative side effects to guided meditation, and the only risk is that you’ll discover greater peace, joy, balance, energy, and well-being in mind, body, and spirit.

THYROID MEDITATION: Transforming Stress into Well-Being

This guided healing meditation helps you focus on two key endocrine glands: your adrenals and your thyroid. On the adrenal front, it helps you unlock the key to transforming stress and anxiety into an experience of peace and calm. At the same time, you’ll effectively regulate your the adrenal glands by helping to balance both excess and deficiency of cortisol – a stress hormone. The Adrenal Glands directly influence your thyroid function.

For your thyroid, the meditation helps you release shame, and reclaim your right to speak your mind and voice your needs. This translates into an opening of your throat chakra, and energy and balance for your thyroid gland. The result? More balanced thyroid function.

“This guided meditation for thyroid disease is my morning star! It is so powerful, so intelligent and very relaxing. The introduction focuses my attention on the need to address healing shame and it’s connection to my throat chakra where my thyroid is located. The guided meditation part is only 30-minutes. Sometimes I fall asleep and sometimes I lie still and listen to Demo’s calming voice which brings my thyroid and my hormones back into balance by releasing shame and loving myself. The body mind and spirit connection is so eloquently honored that I have played it for my clients during their massages. They loved it and they truly felt healed. This is a women’s CD, honoring the female and the divinity of the role of women in our culture. This is the kind of information we should be educating our daughters with so they can live beyond the ways my generation has been programmed to believe. All this said, it is information men need too. The male clients that have heard it are equally appreciative. We cannot step into this millennium with its technology and overpopulation, while leaving our spirits behind.”
~ Linda Rossi, Massage Therapist

HORMONAL BALANCE: Restoring Inner Peace and Power

This guided healing meditation helps you eliminate your stress, anxiety, and depression. At the same time, it focuses on your entire endocrine system – the system that produces hormones – guiding them back to a place of more natural balance, from puberty through menopause.

The meditation helps promote hormonal equilibrium by activating your body’s self-regulating ability to naturally restore balance. It also helps you to make peace with your hormones, and feel comfortable in and with your body, as you sustain better balance.

“This Hormonal Balance meditation is so relaxing. I love listening to all the positive messages. I wish I had this CD when peri-menopause hit me. Every transition in a women’s life is stressful and the stress of just having a monthly cycle requires care, patience, and fortitude. There is so much information in this cd: how to guide your body and mind in to a centered place, how to love yourself at whatever stage your body is in, why meditation can help balance your hormones, and how to affirm the positive and reprogram your attitudes. Health isn’t something that just happens, we make it happen.” ~ H. L.

WEIGHTLESS: Guided Meditation and Affirmations for a Healthy Weight

How we feel about ourselves is key to our well-being. When you’re not at your optimal weight, it’s yet another burden for you to carry. The Weightless guided meditation is designed to help bring peace to your mind and body by helping to release that burden, allowing you to reach and remain at your healthiest weight. This meditation was made with you in mind and includes affirmations to help reinforce positive messages about your body image, self-image, and healthy eating. Love your body. Love yourself.

“The Weightless meditation from Demo DiMartile is a powerful tool I use in my own weight management approach. I don’t want to be at war with my body, and Weightless helps me remember that my body and I are on the same side! If you’ve ever been afraid to look in the mirror, or find yourself being critical of how you look, regularly using the Weightless meditation is a wonderful way to leave that all behind!”
~ Mary Shomon
New York Times Bestselling Author of The Thyroid Diet, and Leading Hormonal Health Advocate