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The Keys to Creation and Manifestation


Prosperitycomes from doing what you love and loving what you do. Love and money show how you give and receive, or how you withhold and deny yourself. Abundance is a reflection of your self-worth as it relates to your love of the Source.”

Prosperity exists on 4 levels: Physically, as radiant health and financial well being – Emotionally, as self-worth and happiness – Mentally, as clarity and peace of mind, and Spiritually, as the alignment to your soul purpose

This seminar will reveal the universal keys to manifestation. It will provide the tools to ignite the fire of creation within enabling you to enrich your life on all levels of prosperity.

  • Unlock the “Creation Code” to reclaim your spiritual endowment and manifest the life you choose
  • Dissolve lack, limitation, and struggle on a cellular level with the “Violet Flame Meditation”.
  • Witness an instantaneous demonstration of the power of the spoken word to shift you energetically for success
  • Merge the 3 levels of consciousness in your heart to manifest magnificently, magically & miraculously
  • Embrace the universal supply & learn techniques for attracting money
  • Consciously seed your subconscious mind to successfully realize your goals with a step by step visualization technique

“Abundance is divine law and yours to command!”


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