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Merging with Your Higher Self


The spiritual awakening of human consciousness is upon us and now more than ever, it is vital for everyone to connect to their higher self. The higher self is your spirit, the sacred guardian of your soul, and has  unlimited power to inspire, guide, heal, and protect you through this shift in consciousness. It is your inner guru beckoning you to open your vision to behold the path of spiritual rebirth. Your higher self is the spark of unconditional love that will restore your soul and will forever dispel the illusion of separation from your Source. It holds the blueprint for coming home to yourself and will reveal your life purpose for being here.

Potential Outcomes of this Workshop:

  • Align the 3 levels of mind into the force field of your heart
  • Meditation to raise your vibrational frequency to the 5th dimension
  • Meet your higher self and access its name
  • Merge with your higher self & open your inner vision
  • Learn the Life Lesson of your soul for this lifetime
  • Know your life purpose for this incarnation
  • Discover the gifts you’ve been blessed with to fulfill your destiny  


For more information about the next Merging With Your Higher Self Workshop, email Demo DiMartile