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Kundalini Rising – Awakening the Divine Feminine


The power of creation, aka the cosmic life force, lies dormant within every soul. It has been called Shakti-Kundalini, the indwelling spirit and the sleeping giant. Once awakened, it becomes the renewing fire of the Holy Spirit and the path of return to your authentic Self. In the Western Tradition this force is referred to as the “daily bread” for it is truly the Grace of the Divine Feminine. It will deeply nourish your body and soul as you ascend into higher levels of spiritual consciousness to know your true Self.

What We’ll Cover:

  • Understand the chakras as a map for your spiritual evolution
  • Learn the breathing Meditation practiced by the ascended masters
  • Master the art of surrender, the ultimate key to self-empowerment
  • Discover the importance of the sacred heart for spiritual balance & integration
  • Rekindle the breath of fire to invigorate your entire system
  • Raise the Kundalini force to clear karmic blockages
  • Awaken the Kundalini to foster World Peace

Why is this important?

Once activated, Kundalini burns off karma, removes the blockages in the low self and integrates the chakra system. Special attention will be given to restoring the pineal gland function along with foods that feed and nourish it.

Demo will dispense Shakti-Pat to each participant and blend it with their Life force to create a group energetic that will initiate the process of spiritual rebirth.


For more information about the next Kundalini Rising workshop, email Demo DiMartile at