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As a Clinical Psychologist, I adopted the mind-body science early on to deal with grief, life-threatening illness such as cancer, and life-altering injuries. I saw remarkable healing results with this approach and became a sought after expert in the field. I thought I knew about the power of spiritual healing.

Six months ago, I was diagnosed with advanced cancer and enrolled in a Clinical Trial of immunotherapy. At the same time, I was introduced to Demo DiMartile, a spiritual teacher and healer by a dear friend.

In our first phone session, it was as if he could see my whole life, identifying the deep seated emotional root cause of the cancer and the many traumatic life experiences that contributed to its progression.

My immunotherapy treatments were halted after just two treatments due to high liver enzymes. But my deep healing meditation sessions with Demo continued and after ten weeks the tumors had shrunk 75 to 80% wowing my Oncologist and his team. I am overjoyed to say that my most recent scan showed no cancer at all.

In our work together, he taught me how to tap into my own power source to reclaim my health and the deep reach of my spirit to heal my heart and the unbearable terror inflicted by progressed cancer. He brought me to an experience of inner peace and true power through his enlightening meditations. He is an empowering teacher and gifted healer.

I now love my life and feel such a deep gratitude even for the cancer and the part it has played in healing my soul, renewing my spirit, my heart and mind in ways I had never imagined—It was the race of my life, and I feel vibrant and confident that I will live long and prosper. Thank you so much, Demo.

~Dr. Pamala Brill, Author of The Winners Way

“I had the unique opportunity to work with Demo DiMartile during a time in my life when I needed more than a psychological perspective in understanding myself. He had the ability to peer deeply into my soul to reveal the profound and hidden aspects of myself. His easy access to the realms of infinite Spirit quickened within me a profound, life-changing spiritual awakening. He is an elder, an awakener, a true healer. Steeped in the ancient mystical traditions of perception, his work weaves a masterful tapestry of insight and inspiration.”

~ Claudia Ascione, Homeopathic Consultant

“Demo has the incredible ability to read you in an instant, and has the kind energy of an angel. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him, and he opened my eyes to insights about me I had never considered, and brought things to the surface that I didn’t know I had. If you’re looking for a calm way of healing, but a real one…Demo is for you. His insight is amazingly helpful. Not only did he help me personally, but I used one of his meditations to pray over my father when he had stage 4 cancer, and he made it. The power of prayer and meditation (and Demo!) is real. 🙂

~Antoinette Beauchamp, Co-Founder and Life Coach

I love Demo’s classes. He’s taught me to open my consciousness and to embrace the divine power within me. I am so grateful for his help in chipping away my fear of being unloved, which kept me from unlocking my true potential.  A year later, I am in a completely different place, with a newly created business that offers Reiki for Animals and humans. Demo is a pure soul, with an incredible soothing voice that really helps me to let go and deepen my meditation practice as well.”

~ Anne Quick, Reiki Healer

“I am so fortunate that my children gave me this priceless gift of several sessions with Demo. I had no idea what to expect and was a little nervous at first wondering what would unfold in our conversation. All my fears were swept away in the first few moments of hearing Demo’s calming voice. What he shared with me about myself was spot on! It was mind blowing that he had such clarity and insight into my life. He touched on areas of my past that moved me to a new level of understanding and allowed me to move on. He shared his perception on my strengths, validated that I was on the right path and inspired me not only to acknowledge my abilities and talents but to seek growth in those areas. Throughout our sessions, I felt comforted in knowing my life’s purpose was evolving before me and that I should embrace that purpose with the full knowledge of who I am. I highly recommend working with Dem. There is no doubt he is following his life’s path of sharing his bright light to empower others to shine theirs. Thanks, Demo. I look forward to our next session. From my heart to yours.”

~ Diana M.

“My first experience with Demo’s teaching was based on accessing my higher self. I gained extraordinary insight into my life and how to harness this energy which exists in all of us. He carries enormous wisdom coupled with the ability to enthusiastically teach and share his many gifts.”

~ Georgianna Koulianos

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