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One-On-One Transformational Meditation


Download your free PDF copy of the guide, “How Transformational Meditation Can Change Your Life,” from Demo DiMartile. 

I welcome you with peace and love into my world of Transformational Meditation!

Transformational Meditation is a unique form of meditation that goes beyond both traditional and guided meditation. It’s about so much more than calming the mind, alleviating stress, or focusing your attention on a single minded point.

Transformational Meditation easily guides you into a meditative state where you can effortlessly access your body’s innate self-healing potential. This enables you to overcome the long-standing issues and challenges in your life and make major transformative breakthroughs.

Transformational meditation helps you grow beyond the limits of human understanding, and tap into an endless source of spiritual strength and power!

We all have individual challenges that need to be healed. You may want to find or define your life purpose and the contributions you want to make, or you may need to overcome childhood or family trauma. You may want to build your self-confidence and sense of empowerment. Or, you may be passionate about losing weight, overcoming insomnia and enjoying better sleep, or managing the challenges of dramatic hormonal change, such as menopause.

Let’s be honest. You could practice traditional meditation for years, and still feel that your meditation practice has only scratched the surface of these types of issues. 

Guided meditation can help most people achieve some improvements on specific issues. Whether you practice in person or virtually with a meditation leader, or you listen to recorded meditations – guided meditation is easier and far more effective than traditional meditation. By focusing on the voice of your guide and your own breath, you can enter into the Alpha state of optimal relaxation and peace. 

Transformational Meditation builds on the unique effectiveness of guided meditation by boosting and accelerating your progress in balancing and healing both mind and body.

Have you experienced separation, rejection, or abandonment? These are key emotional triggers for unhappiness. They short circuit your sense of trust, and without trust, a healthy self-esteem and relationships become emotional minefields. 

Do you have unresolved feelings of shame and fear? Are you afraid to use your voice to truly advocate for yourself, to be heard? In both women and men, these emotional challenges frequently go hand in hand with all-too-common thyroid and hormonal imbalances, affecting energy, weight, focus, and sexual function.  Ultimately, when these emotional triggers go unresolved, you can remain in a lifelong state of confusion about yourself and your life’s purpose. 

Are you a “lightworker” who is ready to turn on your light? Transformational Meditation lets you quickly tap into an endless source of power. 

When you actively engage in the process of Transformational Meditation, you summon compassion for yourself and the conviction to heal and move forward. You can then overcome these obstacles, build on your strengths, and continue unimpeded on the path to your self-empowerment and emotional freedom.

If you’re committed to making life-changing transformations, I invite you to learn more about Transformational Meditation!



When people come to me, they are ready to make the all-important shift in overcoming the psychological obstacles so they may begin to heal their lives, and take back both their power and their voice. My Transformational Meditation process helps heal the root cause of emotional imbalances by realigning body, mind, soul and spirit…from the heart. 

My holistic approach integrates and heals the competing parts of your subconscious and helps bring to your conscious mind a clear sense of purpose, and a clear sense of how to move forward to achieve your most life-changing goals.

I use both breathwork and energy work to help remove your self-limiting beliefs from your subconscious mind. 

I also work with you using unique guided meditation techniques that address your specific challenges, and help you restore energy, peace, and balance in mind, body, heart, and soul.

I will also teach you how to tap into and work with your spiritual life force to help you achieve radiant health, well-being, and peace of mind.

I have developed my intuitive and empathic abilities over five decades of service. My journey allows me to help you discover your soul’s purpose and guide you towards realization of your aspirations.


Before your initial Transformational Meditation session, I ask you to fill out my specialized questionnaire.  Your responses will help guide us during your initial in-depth session, as we identify the key challenges and underlying emotions that contribute to your current state of mind. We will define the obstacles that are standing in your way, and explore the best ways to overcome these obstacles.

As part of our work together, you will get a custom-developed, full-length MP3 guided meditation that focuses on your unique strengths and specific challenges, and gives you a practical, effective way to make progress on your journey back to yourself. Regular use of your personal guided meditation between our sessions can change your obstacles into opportunities. 

These customized meditations are like keys to the locks of your subconscious mind, opening you up to life-changing transformation, and lasting shifts in mind, body, and spirit.

You’ll also get an MP3 recording of our session, so you can listen again anytime to help clarify your journey and strengthen your transformational skills.


Demo DiMartile has nine unique and highly effective guided Transformational Meditations, available as downloadable MP3 audio programs — and in some cases, CD format.

You’ll find links to purchase downloads and CDS, as well as opportunities to save on specialized combination sets  of MP3s, at the One Light One Spirit online store, at


Download a free copy of Demo DiMartile’s guide, “How Transformational Meditation Can Change Your Life” by right-clicking on the image, or download here