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Guided Meditation is an effortless process that nurtures self-healing. It leads you into the depths of your subconscious mind to access the tremendous healing power within your soul.

The self-healing effects of meditation have been known and honored in the spiritual and healing communities for centuries. Finally, scientific research has validated the extraordinary benefits of meditation for improving your sense of well-being and awakening your human potential.

Meditation has entered into mainstream consciousness and it is about to change everything as we know it for the better. We are waking up to the fact that our bodies were endowed with a natural ability to self-heal, self-repair, and restore balance from within. It is by embracing the mind-body-spirit connection that we can transform our consciousness, grow into a greater self-reliance, and be free to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life.

Thyroid Meditation, Transforming Stress Into Well-Being is an easy to use guided Meditation. It was created for women who suffer from the debilitating effects of thyroid disease. (It can also be effective for men.) The purpose of thyroid meditation is to bring your mind-body and spirit into alignment, thereby creating a unified force of concentrated energy to promote healing to your thyroid function from within. 

As you connect with your inner most self, you will begin to harness the immense healing intelligence of your body’s innate ability to restore balance and harmony. The mind-body- spirit approach is the natural way to restore thyroid function and promote a greater sense of well-being.

If you already know how to meditate, then you have a great advantage to work with your body’s own healing capacity. If you are not skilled with meditation, or have tried and “can’t” meditate, don’t worry. This is an interactive guided meditation and it will assist you on many levels to restore stability to your thyroid condition and endocrine gland system.


The way you begin any endeavor, determines its outcome!

 1.  A positive attitude is essential to have the best results

(This is what you must bring to the meditation)

2. Have a clear intention to heal your thyroid dysfunction 

(not just manage it, but heal it. 

3. Hold a strong belief that you can and will heal your thyroid

(along with an unwavering commitment that you will take time for yourself to work with the meditation daily.



The music for Thyroid Meditation was composed by Dina Alexander It is calming, transformative and deeply healing.  The Music re-establish a vibrational resonance with inner peace, comfort, and trust. Her music has a beautiful transcendent quality that will lull you into relaxation, soothe your nerves, reduce stress and uplift your spirits.


A basic breathing technique borrowed from the Chi Gong Healing Arts is utilized to tap into Universal Life Energy. This life-enhancing breathing method carries the alchemical force of renewal which will revitalize your entire being on a deep cellular level.


You’ll be guided to open your heart to yourself and infuse your breath with the transformative power of love. Love is the essence of who you truly are, and the most unifying, balancing and healing force there is, even more potent than any medicine. The effects of this synergy are immeasurable, but you will definitely feel it. You know what a mother’s love can do for a child. It comforts, validates and empowers you to belong to yourself! Just think what your love can do for you when you take the time to love yourself.


The calming phase of the meditation begins. It deeply relaxes muscle tension, and winds down the nervous system, while diminishing significantly pent-up stress and worry. Relaxation quiets the mind, soothes your emotional body and promotes a positive outlook. 


The greatest benefit of deep relaxation is that it actually engages your neurotransmitters, releasing serotonin which neutralizes hyperactivity and anxiety, while regulating depression, mood swings and replenishing energy levels depleted by prescription drugs, caffeine, and poor nutrition. Relaxation also releases melatonin for quality sleep.

Meditation boosts GABA and dopamine. GABA acts like a sedative and has a natural calming effect that subdues anxiety. Dopamine positively influences memory issues such as focus, mind fog and forgetfulness. Dopamine is like a natural high that lifts your spirits. It also stimulates motivation, will and desire. 

Low levels of neurotransmitters are symptomatic of a hypothyroidism. Meditation has the effect of regulating and balancing neurotransmitter levels because it brings the mind-body-spirit into a state of harmony and well-being, both necessary to sustain a healthy thyroid function.


Next you will be guided to eliminate pent up negative psychic tension and congestion. This phase focuses on releasing sadness, frustration, fear, anger, and resentment so that the physical, mental, and emotional components are not at odds with one another. This allows you to experience inner peace, and with regular practice you can create a reliable sense-memory trigger to promote peace of mind, support well-being and move into healing.


As you settle into a state of peace, you will effortlessly glide into deeper levels of your subconscious mind. Your Subconscious mind is a storehouse of endless healing power. It is a fertile field where beliefs are sown and miracles are grown. It controls and regulates your entire psyche, all bodily functions, and most importantly the endocrine gland system itself. The subconscious mind operates from belief and whatever you believe, it will manifest that as your reality.


While in the subconscious state, you’ll align all three levels of mind, conscious, subconscious and super conscious so they are working simultaneously in concert with each other. This alignment is extremely powerful. It is the foundation of the mind-body-spirit connection and the core principals of Holistic Healing.  Read the interview here


All symptoms of thyroid dysfunction point to the underlying emotional root cause which is shame, and unworthiness and their impact on stifling the voice. To change any belief, you must do it from a subconscious level. The Conscious mind is your will to choose and your intent to change. The Subconscious mind holds the power to believe that you can change. The Superconscious mind provides the spiritual power or will to promote self-reliance as you complete the change.


You’ll then move to adrenal glands. Adrenal burnout has a very negative effect on healthy thyroid function as well as the brain. The excessive amounts of cortisol released due to fear and it’s fight / flight trigger causes stress and weakens the immune function. A simple and effective method is given to revitalize your adrenals glands along with positive affirmations to build confidence and trust in yourself.


The thymus gland regulates the immune function although 70% of your immune system is in the gastrointestinal track. A strong immune system is vital for healthy thyroid metabolism. An unhealthy diet, digestive disorders, and poor absorption of nutrients all impact the thyroid function which converts food into energy.  A simple method is given to stimulate the thymus gland along with self-empowering affirmations to promote courage, strength and t-cell production.


The calming effect of meditation releases the love hormone, oxytocin, which reduces stress levels while relieving depression and anxiety. Oxytocin fosters euphoric feelings of contentment, intimacy, and security. 


Inner peace is vital for thyroid balance as is making peace with your thyroid condition. Liberating affirmations to own your voice, promote self-worth and reclaim your power will help you to invigorate your thyroid function.


Finally, stimulating the pituitary gland, the master gland of the endocrine system, will orchestrate the realignment of all glands to function harmoniously and restore equilibrium. Then you will experience the empowering, self-healing effects of Thyroid Meditation.

Read Thyroid Meditation testimonials of actual thyroid patients and see for yourself the encouraging and compelling results women are having with this Mediation. 

You can also listen to a sample of Thyroid Meditation at this link and purchase a copy if you choose to take this important step toward self-healing. (Please use earphones.)

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