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A Grateful Heart is Full and Overflowing with Thanksgiving

November 23, 2017

Autumn is the season of the harvest and the season of abundance. During this time we come together to celebrate Thanksgiving Day. But every day should be a day of giving thanks for family and friends and life itself.

We are living in challenging times, in an uncertain world disconnected from our hearts and from one another. We don’t have answers, or harmony. We are unsure of our footing and the next steps to take, whether alone or together. All the more reason to truly harvest the spirit of Thanksgiving and be grateful for all we do have. A grateful heart is full and overflowing with Thanksgiving. Gratitude is an attitude of grace, and encourages us to share with those who have little.

Thanksgiving means living in the moment with an open heart, accepting and appreciating one another, despite our differences. It means giving generously and loving abundantly. We are all one race in the eyes of our Creator: We are the Human Race. The only difference is we are individuals with many paths and many ways to connect to the heart and mind of our Source.

This Thanksgiving, remember that words of praise and acts of kindness are ways to give thanks. They express our compassion and caring, and have the power to touch and uplift others. When you give your best, it returns to you in equal measure.

Keep your heart open. Laugh a lot, and everyday give that you may receive.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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